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  2. Notice of repair work in this facility

Notice of repair work in this facility

  • Thank you for your continued patronage.

    Hotel Kagetsuen has been carrying out renewal work on the guest rooms, etc. in this facility.

    As of July 2021, the entire construction has been almost completed, but the business area may be reduced on some dates.

    We believe that there are many unsightly points for customers who use the service during the construction period.We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    In addition, when the construction is completed, we will strive to operate the hotel so that everyone can support it.Please stay tuned.

    【Main construction contents】
    ・Renewal of "guest room"(Number of target rooms:twenty three)
    ・Renovation of "private room bath"

    ~Guest room renewal~
    When the construction is completed, many room types will be "non-smoking".Please refer to the room type list below.
    ・ Twin (garden side / 21㎡, smoking) 21 rooms
    ◎ Deluxe Twin (Forest side / 28㎡) 11 rooms
    ◎ 8 Japanese-style rooms (forest side / 28㎡)
    ◎ Japanese-style room on the garden side + Western-style room (garden side / 42㎡) 12 rooms(4 of them renewed)
    ・ Semi-double room (14㎡) 7 rooms
    ・ Suite room (63㎡) 1 room
    ⇒⇒ ◎ marks are the rooms subject to this renewal
    ⇒⇒ There is no "bathtub" in the rooms subject to renewal (Japanese + Western rooms)(Shower booth only)
    ⇒⇒ Except for the "Garden side twin" with smoking notation, smoking is prohibited.
About sales during the construction periodThe construction period that makes a lot of noise has almost ended, but unexpected repair work may occur.
The business area may be reduced depending on the situation.
Apology for constructionDuring the construction period, the business area may be restricted for reasons such as ensuring safety.
There are some unsightly parts due to construction work, such as "waste material storage" and "curing" on the premises, even within the range that customers can see.
In addition, we will carry out construction with due consideration for noise, but construction may generate noise due to unavoidable reasons.
Smoking-friendly room typeAfter the completion of this renewal work, there will be major changes in the rooms where you can smoke.

☆Twin room (garden side / 21㎡) only
Non-smoking room typeAfter the completion of this renewal work, there will be major changes in the rooms where you can smoke.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to smokers, but please refrain from smoking indoors in the following rooms and use the "smoking booth" in the hotel.

☆Deluxe Twin Room(Garden side / 28㎡)
☆Japanese-style room(Forest side / 28㎡)
☆Japanese-Western style room(Garden side / 42㎡)
☆Semi-double(Forest side / 14㎡)
☆Suite(Garden side / 63㎡)
About using the large communal bathThis facility has "large communal baths" on the "2F" and "BF" respectively, and in normal business, the places of men and women are changed depending on the time.
However, there are restrictions on the use of "BF" during the construction period.
Depending on the schedule, the "BF Large Bath" will be closed and only the "2F Large Bath" will be open.
Due to the gender exchange system, there may be times when you cannot use the service.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.
About breakfast businessUntil the stay on July 20th (breakfast on July 21st), we plan to serve it in a "set meal format".
After that, we are planning to switch to the "buffet format" due to the summer vacation season.
It may be changed without notice depending on the situation.Please understand.
About room salesDuring the period, there will be restrictions on the types of guest rooms that can be sold due to the "restriction on the area of use".
The "room type" to be sold varies depending on the schedule.Please refer to the room types that can be sold on the Internet reservation site.