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Play and watch around

  • Hakone Nature Spot

    Sengokuhara located at an altitude of about 650m is full of green spots! Please enjoy nature walk while feeling the full flavor and color of the seasons.
    • Owakudani Kurotamago-kan Official Page


      8 minutes by car from the hotel. A famous spot!
      It is a must-see sightseeing spot when you come to Hakone where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Owakudani.
      The legend of “Kuro Tamago (black egg)” that will extend your life for 7 years if you eat one is out of the door!
      A souvenir that can only be bought in Owakudani.

      When accessing by car, parking fee is required separately. (Opening Hours: 9:00 to 16:45)
      There is also a route that you can access from Togendai Togendai Station while enjoying an aerial walk on the ropeway.
    • Hakone Pirate Ship Official page of Hakone Pirate Ship

      【Togendai Hakone Town - Motohakone】Hakone Pirate Ship

      This is a must-see sightseeing boat in Hakone where you can go around Lake Ashinoko while watching various scenery every season.
      From gorgeous cabins, treasure chests and 3D art, you can enjoy pirate feelings from children to adults.
    • Hakone Ropeway Official page

      【Togendai Owakudani -Mt. Soun】Hakone Ropeway

      You can enjoy an aerial walk while watching the sparkling Lake Ashinoko and Mt Fuji.
      If you are lucky, you can see Tokyo Skytree.
      (Owakudani hiking course and nature trails are currently regulated. )
    • Hakone Visitor Center Official page

      【Togendai】Hakone Visitor Center

      This is the place to go along with the ropeway.

      It can be accessed from the hotel within a 5-minute walk, and is located in the middle of the promenade walking path.
      It is a great spot to learn more about Hakone while enjoying a relaxing stroll in the pleasant breeze of the plateau.
    • Mt Fuji from Mt Fuji Mt Kintoki(From Yama Girl Net Official page)

      【Sengokuhara】Mt Kintoki

      Kintaro Legend of Kintaro Legend remains, and it is a popular spot where you can see 360 ° panoramic view and Mt Fuji on a sunny day.
      Otome Pass takes about 105 minutes from Otome Pass to the summit.
      Even those who are new to the mountain can enjoy it easily.
      When you get to the top of the mountain, take a photo with Masakari.
    • 【Motohakone】Hakone Shrine

      It was founded in 1975 by the Tenmyo-ho, the first year of the Tenpyo Treasure, and it was called Hakone Sansho Gongen in the olden days.When entering the Kamakura era, the name of Yoritomo Minamoto was respected by the important officials of the Kamakura Shogunate, and the name was raised.Many excellent treasures, including the wooden statue of a man sitting on a pedestrian (Kunishibun), are still preserved today.It is worshiped as the god of the opening of business such as traffic safety, fulfillment of wishes, and good luck.The approach to the cedar-lined trees that has been over 800 years old has a very sacred atmosphere.
  • Hakone leisure for parents and children to “see, hear and feel”

    There are many places in Hakone where adults and children can enjoy together.
    Here is a perfect spot for family memories.
    • Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Official page

      【Ninotaira】Hakone Kowakien Yunessun

      A hot spring amusement park about 25 minutes by car from the hotel.
      It is a popular spot where you can play hot on both rainy days and snowy days regardless of age or gender.
      This facility is also selling a great plan with a passport that allows you to enjoy both the Yunessun (swimwear area) and the Mori-no-yu (naked area) at a reasonable price.
    • Map of Hakone-en Aquarium(Official page)

      【Motohakone】Hakone-en Aquarium

      It is an aquarium where creatures rich in individuality of seawater and freshwater gather.
      Don't miss the Ehime hot spring seal show and the underwater show that feeds fish!
    • From the Official page of Suzuhiro Kamaboko no Sato

      【Odawara】Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum

      This is a museum where you can learn about the history, wonders and materials of Kamaboko.
      There is also a handmade experience class, where you can enjoy freshly made kamaboko as a souvenir and freshly made Chikuwa.
    • Forest Adventure 20 seconds CM

      【Hakone Yumoto】Forest Adventure・Hakone

      It is a nature-symbiotic outdoor park where you can enjoy a dynamic adventure in nature, such as crossing a rope from tree to tree or climbing a climbing wall.
      Let your body move as much as you like to get a good sweat!

      Operate safety equipment yourself to ensure safety and move forward.
      “Adults return to children, children become adults”
      A park where adults and children can play seriously!

      *"Forest Adventure Gotemba" opened on March 19, 1945 in "Tree Sky Forest" in Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
  • Spend an artistic holiday in Hakone.

    • Hakone Glass no Mori Venetian Glass Museum Official page

      【Sengokuhara】Hakone Glass no Mori Venetian Glass Museum

      Venetian Glass from the 15th to 18th centuries that attracted medieval European nobility, and contemporary masterpieces that were revived in the late 19th century and inspired new life.
      You can also enjoy live Canzone performances by authentic Italian singers.
    • POLA Museum of Art Introduction Movie

      【Sengokuhara】Pola Museum of Art

      You can enjoy a wide range of exhibitions, from Western paintings to Japanese paintings, prints, sculptures, and Oriental ceramics, with a focus on Impressionist works such as Monet and Renoir.
      The restaurant in the facility also has a limited-time menu that matches the exhibition, such as the menus preferred by painters and local specialties.
    • Chokoku no Mori movie(Hydrangea)


      This is the first open-air museum in Japan where you can see the sculptures that are representative of modern and contemporary art, including Rodin.
      There are also indoor exhibitions such as the Picasso Pavilion, a natural hot spring footbath, and a café.
    • Lalique Museum Official page of the Lalique Museum

      【Sengokuhara】Hakone Lalique Museum

      You can see jewelry and glass works by French craft artist René Lalique.
      Lalique also recommend a café at the “Orient Express”, a luxury salon car Orient Express Laric.
      Flickering soft light and fantastic lath decorations will add to your travel time.
    • The Little Prince Museum Official page of the The Little Prince Museum

      【Sengokuhara】The Little Prince Museum

      This museum was born as part of a global commemorative project that celebrated the 100th anniversary of Saint-Exupéry.
      In addition to exhibitions and videos related to the works, you can also see beautiful European gardens and chapels like the world of stories.
    • Hakone Ekiden Museum Official page of the Hakone Ekiden Museum

      【Hakone】Hakone Ekiden Museum

      This museum is located at the goal point of the Ekiden Road, where you can enjoy the famous scenes of each tournament, items used by famous players from the past, and the history of Ekiden.
      Official goods such as boa coats and muffler towels supported by universities supported by Hakone Ekiden are also on sale.
  • Outing spots around Hakone(Kanagawa / Shizuoka / Yamanashi)

    • Gotemba Premium Outlets Official page

      【Gotemba】Gotenba Premium Outlets

      This outlet has about 210 stores and boasts the largest store area in Japan.
      With famous brands from both Japan and overseas, you can enjoy shopping and majestic views of Mt Fuji the image of the historic cityscape of North America.
    • Fuji-Q Highland Official page

      【Fuji Yoshida】Fuji-Q Highland

      An amusement park with "world's largest" entertainment that can be enjoyed by young people and families!

      There are nearly 40 types of attractions in the park, and many of the “best in the world” attractions that have been certified by the Guinness World Records are available, so you can enjoy various amusement facilities while looking at Mt Fuji.The park also has the only outdoor theme park "Thomas Land" by Thomas the Tank Engine in Japan "Thomas Land" and the theme park "Lisa and Gaspar Town" of the world's first popular French picture book character "Lisa and Gaspar".From small children to adults, regardless of age or sex, you can enjoy it according to your purpose.

    • Mishima Sky Walk Official page

      【Mishima】MISHIMA SKYWALK(Mishima Sky Walk)

      Mt Fuji, the highest in Japan,
      From the longest suspension bridge in Japan.

      Japan's longest suspension bridge with a total length of 400 m.You can enjoy the view of Mt Fuji, which is the highest in Japan, and Suruga Bay, which is the deepest in Japan.You can feel nature such as the sky, greenery, and the wind that spreads forever.
    • Odawara Castle PR Video 2013 Official page

      【Odawara】Odawara Castle Ruins Park

      (Enjoy the castle and history)
      It is designed for those who like history and castles.
      The castle tower introduces Odawara Castle and exhibits art and crafts.
      Tokiwa Kimon exhibits armor such as armor and swords.
      At the History Museum, explanations are provided in an easy-to-understand manner using models, sounds, and images.

      (Family fun)
      You can enjoy the whole day with your family.In the children's amusement park, there are play equipment such as mini trains.In the armor dressing experience, you can experience wearing warriors and ninjas, and on weekends you can also experience shuriken.In addition, various events are held all year round, so families can enjoy themselves.
    • From the Official page of Tokinourarou (Gotemba Kogen Resort Toki no Sumika)

      【Gotemba】Gotemba Kogen Tokinosu(Time Sumika)

      In addition to accommodation facilities, hot spring facilities, restaurants, sports facilities, etc.
      A lot of activities.

      In winter, many visitors come to see the spectacular illuminations in the cold weather.
    • Fuji Safari Park Official page of Fuji Safari Park

      【Foot】Fuji Safari Park

      Fuji Safari Park is divided into a Safari Zone and a Fureai Zone.

      The Safari Zone is a drive course takes about 50 minutes with Mt Fuji in the background.In each of the seven zones, animals from all over the world live freely.

      In the contact zone, you can feed and interact with cute animals.
      It is divided into two areas, the Fureai Farm and the Animal Village, where events are also held.
    • Forest Adventure Gotemba Official HP

      【Gotemba】 Forest Adventure Gotemba Mt Fuji Tree Sky Forest

      Introduced this time on March 19, 4th year of Reiwa, in the "Tree Sky Forest" in Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture, at the foot of Mt Fuji. "Forest Adventure Gotemba"

      Excellent access from major roads such as Tomei Expressway, Shin Tomei Expressway, and National Route 138!

      This is the only Forest Adventure in Honshu where you can experience the trek course!
      The biggest attraction is that you can participate from the first grade of elementary school and those who are 110 cm or more in height, and you can do as many course as you like within the 90-minute time limit.
      You can go around only the course you want to play! You can try to conquer all!
      It seems that everyone from children to adults can enjoy it together.

      In the forest of Mt Fuji, you can not only appreciate various flowers depending on the season, but also enjoy a different way from ordinary parks such as park golf and helicopter plaza.There is no doubt that you can enjoy it all day long with Forest Adventure!