Sengokuhara Highland relaxing inn surrounded by rich nature on the hills of the Sengokuhara Highland

【Official】Hotel Kagetsuen

Welcome to the hotel at 800 meters above sea level "Hakone Sengokuhara Highland"

1. Sengokuhara Highland, which is cool even in summer.800 meters above sea level with a view of Mt Fuji.
  Tsutsuji are in full bloom in the garden in spring, and it is a highland hotel where you can spend a relatively cool summer.
  Depending on the weather, you can see the view of "Mt Fuji".Especially in the fall and early spring, the humidity decreases and you can see more beautiful Mt Fuji.

2. A hot spring where you can enjoy two types of springs.There are also 4 private baths.
  The "large communal bath" is a private source that is pumped from 110m underground, and the "private room bath (free)" is a mixture of sulfur springs from Owakudani
  You can enjoy each.
  In particular, private room baths have been very well received by families, couples, people with physical disabilities, and recently foreign guests.

3. Full of green sightseeing spots!
  1km to Owakudani", which is famous for Kuro Tamago (black egg) Sengokuhara Japanese Pampas Grass Field", which is a spectacular view in autumn, and "Togendai Station", a sightseeing base where "pirate ships" and "Hakone Ropeway
  Enjoy a nature walk while feeling the scent and color of the seasons.

4. "Japanese and Western Kaiseki cuisine""Buffet Breakfast"
  For dinner, we will prepare "Japanese and Western Kaiseki cuisine" that is particular about seasonal ingredients, and for breakfast, we will prepare "Japanese and Western buffet" with more than 40 kinds of items.
  【Breakfast Notice】
  In some cases, the number of users is small (generally 15 or less), or depending on various circumstances, the meal may be served in a "set meal" format.

HOW TO, How to enjoy Hotel Kagetsuen


    The popular secret of Hotel Kagetsuen is this breakfast buffet!
    We are waiting for you with a rich menu of over 40 Japanese and Western dishes that will satisfy children and adults alike.

    【Important Notices】
    Depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the "breakfast buffet business" may be canceled and offered in a "set meal format" without notice.
    In addition, even if the number of users is small (generally 15 or less), it may be prepared in a "set meal format".
    Please understand.

    You can enjoy two types of hot springs at Hotel Kagetsuen, the Owakudani Spring Source and the private source.
    A cloudy sulfur spring from Hakone and Owakudani, and a private source that is gentle on your skin.
    Please relax and relax your body while comparing hot water.

    Private private bath with Owakudani Spring Source is available for free 24 hours!
    The space where family, friends, and couples can spend time without hesitation is very popular with repeaters and families with their children.
    It is not "reservation required".Since there are 4 rooms, please use from the vacant place.
    During weekends and busy seasons, it is crowded mainly around the time before and after dinner.

    *"Owakudani Onsen" was restored in the spring of 2021, but due to the amount of hot water and the supply temperature, it is supplied as a mixture with the "simple spring" which is the underground source of this facility.Please understand.

Hakone Sengokuhara, Hotel Kagetsuen

  • Kagetsuen Tsutsuji garden" that Kagetsuen is proud of?

    Tsutsuji Garden" of this facility, "Tsutsuji" are in full bloom for about two weeks from the end of the long holidays in May every year.

    From 2020, considering the threat of infection with the "new coronavirus", we have postponed the "Tsutsuji Festival", but you can enter the garden.

Introduction of sister facility "Village Kagetsuen" (former name: Lodge Kagetsuen)

Relax with a family or couple

  • 【POINT 04】 ROOMS

    There are various types of rooms such as luxurious suites, Japanese + Western rooms where you can relax even in families, deluxe twins and Japanese rooms that are ideal for couples.

    The guest rooms of this facility face the "garden side" and the "forest side".

    On the "garden side", you can see the scenery of the Hakone Mountains and the Tsutsuji garden.In the mid-May season, when the Tsutsuji are in full bloom, you will be able to enjoy the illuminated Tsutsuji.

    On the “forest side”, the forest is close to you, so if you want a better view, we recommend the “garden side” guest room.

    Hotel Kagetsuen is located at an altitude of 800m near Hakone and Sengokuhara Highland.
    It is a highland hotel where Tsutsuji are in full bloom in the spring and the summer is cool.
    If the weather is nice, you can see Mt Fuji from the garden.

    This facility is located in a plateau area at an altitude of about 800m and is full of green spots!
    Please enjoy nature walks while feeling the scent and color of the seasons with your five senses.

In 2023, the 47th Go/ Kisei Tournament 7th Match was held!

  • The 47th Gogi Kisei Tournament Seventh Game Second Station(January 20-21)

    In the previous term, it was a hotly contested series, and Ichiriki Kisei, who was the challenger at that time, won the title after completing a full set. was held.

    The result of the game was that the challenger, Meijin Shibano, won the middle push.
    With this, the result of the seventh match was 1 win and 1 loss.

The 2022 "46th Go/ Kisei Tournament Match 7th Game 5th and 6th Games" was held!

  • The 46th Go Kisei Tournament 7th Bango 5th Station (March 3rd to 4th) and 6th Station(March 10-11)

    "46th Go Kisei Tournament Match" (sponsored by Yomiuri Shimbun) The 7th game "5th station" (3rd to 4th March) and "6th station" (10th to 11th March) It was held!

    Kisei Iyama won both the 5th and 6th stations held at this facility, even though he was forced into the brink of 1 win and 3 losses in this series of great heat battles in each station.
    The whereabouts of the game returned to the tie score will be to the final 7th station .....

    At the 7th station held in Kyoto, the challenger, Ichiriki Kudan, won a fierce battle, prevented the full set of Kisei Sueiyama from winning the 10th straight title, and took the title.

"79th Shogi / Master Tournament 7th Match 5th Station" was held!

  • 79th Shogi Master Tournament 7th Match 5th Station (May 28-29, 2021)

    Shogi Official title match for shogi, Master Tournament" (sponsored by Mainichi Shimbun and Asahi Shimbun), was held from May 28 to 29, 2021.

    It is also called the strongest active player, and at this point, the challenger "Shintaro Saito Hachidan" who won the A-class ranking battle, which was his first participation against "Akira Watanabe" who holds the title triple crown including the master, In the game, Master Watanabe won with 94 moves, Master Tournament was 4 wins and 1 loss, and he defended the title.

    Shogi at this facility was Osho Tournament" held in February last year and the "Ryuo match" held in December, but following the Ryuo match, the game at this facility has become the "final station". It was.

"The 45th Go / Kisei Tournament 7th Game 4th Station" was held!

  • The 45th Go Kisei Tournament 7th Game 4th Station (February 16-17, 2021)

    From February 16th to 17th, 2021, the "45th Go Kisei Tournament" (sponsored by the Yomiuri Shimbun) was held at this facility.

    The game struck at this facility was the challenger Rin Kono Kudan's "white turn middle push win".

    On the Yomiuri Shimbun's website, the 4th station of Kisei Tournament, which looks back on the photos, is open to the public.Please see that as well.

"The 33rd Shogi / Ryuo Battle 7th Game 5th Station" was held!

  • 33rd Ryuo 7th Match 5th Station(December 5-6, 2020)

    Many Shogi fans will decide whether "Masayuki Toyoshima Ryuo" will defend his title for the first time, or whether the challenger "Yoshiharu Habu 9th Dan" will reach the "100th term" in Odai. In the battle that attracted attention from the people, Toyoshima Ryuo, who was the second player in the 84th move, won, and the match record was 4 wins and 1 loss, deciding to defend Ryuo.

    We would like to thank many Shogi fans for their inquiries regarding the "Large Board Commentary" held on December 6th.
    Originally, we would like many people to watch the game, but due to the influence of the corona disaster and the capacity of the venue, we have set a limit on the number of visitors.We would like to take this opportunity to apologize to those who did not watch the game.

"44th Go / Kisei Tournament 7th Game 5th Station" was held!

  • 44th Go Kisei 7th Game 5th Station(February 26-27, 2020)

    The 44th Go Kisei Tournament Dai-5-kyoku was held at this facility.

    Although it was very disappointing that the large board commentary was canceled in consideration of the effects of the new type of pneumonia, the game was a hot battle.

    For details on the game, please see "Gogi Kisei Tournament Page" (lower link).

"The 69th Osaka Osho Cup Osho Tournament 7th Game 4th Station" was held!

Hotel Facilities

  • Watch and play at Kagetsuen Garden

    The facility has a garden of 3,000 azaleas, where you can enjoy a beautiful contrast between bright pink and white flowers every year.
    The "Tsutsuji Festival" is held from early to late May every year.
    (Please understand that we will refrain from the Tsutsuji Festival" under the circumstances of corona.)
  • Table tennis room

    Speaking of hot springs, table tennis!
    The table tennis room at the property is free of charge, so please ask the front desk if you would like to use it.

    Number: 1 to 2

    *From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, we may stop using it.
  • Karaoke room

    Here is the second party after the banquet.
    Please enjoy the banquet time with your friends.
    (*Food and drinks are brought in. )

    Number of Rooms: 2 rooms (① Within 6 people, ② Within 12 people)

    *From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, the business of "Karaoke Room" may be suspended without notice.
    *The "Go to Travel Business / Regional Common Coupon" (distributed from October 2020) cannot be applied to karaoke usage fees.
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Hotel Name

Hotel Kagetsuen


1244-2 Sengokuhara, Hakone Town, Ashigarashimo County, Kanagawa Prefecture

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<Hakone Tozan Bus> Odawara Station, take the "For Togendai" (line 4).About 60 minutes.
<Hakone Tozan Bus> Hakone-Yumoto Station, take the "For Togendai" (line 3).About 40 minutes.
<Odakyu Highway Bus> Take the bus bound for Hakone Togendai from Shinjuku Bus Terminal.About 140 minutes.

<car> 25 minutes from the Tomei Expressway Gotemba IC
<car> 30 minutes from the Shin Tomei Expressway / Shin Gotemba IC
Parking: Yes (Free)

When setting the destination with car navigation,
Please set the name of the Hotel Kagetsuen"Hotel Kagetsuen" or phone number "0460-84-8621".
When setting by address, we have confirmed that there are many cases where a place different from the hotel is navigated due to the uniqueness of lot numbers.
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About 90 minutes by car from the city center

  • Access to major sightseeing spots

    【Lake Ashinoko / Kojiri Enchi】  5 minutes by car
    【Hakone Glass no Mori Venetian Glass Museum】  10 minutes by car
    【Gora Park】  20 minutes by car
    【THE HAKONE OPEN-AIR MUSEUM】  20 minutes by car
    【Hakone Aquarium】  15 minutes by car
    【Gotemba Premium Outlets】  30 minutes by car
    【To Fujikyu Highland】 60 minutes by car


  • Free Wi-Fi connection

    WI-FI is available free of charge in all guest rooms, lobby and previous meeting rooms.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


From 9:00 to 21:00