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【Dinner/Japanese/Western Kaiseki cuisine】
The meals at this facility are Japanese and Western mixed dishes that the chief chefs of "Japanese" and "Western" will deliver with confidence.
Dinner is a Japanese-style restaurant wrapped in a green garden.

【Information for breakfast buffet】
In some cases, the number of users is small (generally 15 or less), or from the viewpoint of preventing infection with the "new corona", the "buffet business" may be canceled and the service may be provided in the "set meal" format.

In addition to "wearing a mask" when the "buffet" is open, we ask that you "wear gloves" when picking up ingredients.
We apologize for the inconvenience,
We would appreciate your cooperation.
  • DINNER【Dinner】

    <Cooking photos are images>

    This is a Japanese-style and Western-style mixed kaiseki cuisine that the chief chefs of "Japanese food" and "Western food" prepared with all their hearts.
    The "menu" is changed approximately every two months, and the composition uses seasonal ingredients for each season.
    For stays of 2 nights or more, we offer different dishes.
    Please relax and enjoy seasonal cuisine.

    Contents may change without notice due to food procurement.
    In that case, please understand.
    • 【Japanese-style & Western-style mixed kaiseki cuisine】(Supper) Seasonal Japanese and Western kaiseki meals will be served at the dining venue.
      *Materials may change depending on the purchasing situation

      Japanese Chief Chef: Takashi Sato
      Western food chief chef: Yoichi Sugiyama
      • Kagetsuen / Japanese and Western Kaiseki Menu "Hazuki's street set when it was raining"


        Edamame mousse and trout escabeche


        Tamaki corn tofu


        Tailored sesame vinegar with winter melon, small potatoes and conger eels


        Tuna sea bass wasabi

        Pottery replacement

        Deep-fried conger and somen noodles


        Grilled pork and summer vegetables on a ceramic plate

        Meat Dish

        Low temperature dish of domestic chicken Summer vegetable sauce


        White rice


        Watershield reddish

         Pickled Vegetables

        Two kinds


        Red shiso jelly
        Period available:
        2022 ・ July to August(Menu contents may change depending on the day)
  • BREAKFAST【Breakfast】

    【Information for breakfast】

    From the viewpoint of preventing infection with the new corona, we have established "Requests when using the buffet".
    We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation in hygiene measures.

    If the number of users is small (generally 15 or less), or depending on the infection status of the new corona, it may be served as a "set meal" instead of the buffet format.Please understand.

    There are about 40 Japanese and Western buffets for breakfast with a variety of dishes.
    Relax and enjoy a meal in a restaurant with warm sunlight.

    *Buffet venue is subject to change depending on availability.
  • FOR FAMILY【Children cooking】

    There are also chairs and tableware for children.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • RESTAURANT【Restaurant】

    • 【Breakfast venue】Western dining room, Azalea
      Number of seats: 90 people
      Number of floors: 2F
      *All seats are non-smoking
    • 【Dinner venue】Japanese restaurant, Japanese cypress
      Number of seats: 90 people
      Number of floors: 1F
      *All seats are non-smoking
  • PRIVATE ROOM【Private dining room】

    Please leave banquets and overnight stays for groups and groups such as alumni associations, workplace trips, and trips with friends.
    We have plan to enjoy passionate food and sake, and even hot springs.
    (Reservations for banquets can be made by phone. )

    In the image, it is posted in the "Zashiki style" format, but the "chair / table seat" format is the current basic format.It is easy to use even for those with bad knees.

    *The room is an example of a private dining venue.
    *If you are using a small group of 14 people or less, you will be charged a separate fee for private room use.
    • Hanazono・Tsutsuji
      Number of seats: 50 people (Hanazono 32, 12 Tsutsuji, 50 people in both rooms)
    • Hagi
      Number of seats: 16 people
    • Satsuki
      Number of seats: 8 people