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Hotel Facilities

Hotel Kagetsuen from the slope to the entrance

Play and watch in this facility

Plan view
  • Watch and play at Kagetsuen Garden

    The facility has a garden of 3,000 azaleas, where you can enjoy a beautiful contrast between bright pink and white flowers every year.
    The "Tsutsuji Festival" is held from early to late May every year.
    (Please understand that we will refrain from the Tsutsuji Festival" under the circumstances of corona.)

    The garden is open for free

    The garden is open for free even outside the "Tsutsuji Festival" period.
    In addition to being able to bring in balls and flying fish, you can enjoy a beautiful starry sky when the sky is clear.
    (*Please watch carefully because there is no outdoor light. )
  • Table tennis room

    Speaking of hot springs, table tennis!
    The table tennis room at the property is free of charge, so please ask the front desk if you would like to use it.

    Number: 1 to 2

    *From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, we may stop using it.

    Open Hours

    7:00 to 23:00(May vary depending on the situation)


  • Karaoke room

    Here is the second party after the banquet.
    Please enjoy the banquet time with your friends.
    (*Food and drinks are brought in. )

    Number of Rooms: 2 rooms (① Within 6 people, ② Within 12 people)

    *From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, the business of "Karaoke Room" may be suspended without notice.
    *The "Go to Travel Business / Regional Common Coupon" (distributed from October 2020) cannot be applied to karaoke usage fees.

    Opening Hours(Reservation required.)

    From 15:00 to 24:00

    Usage fee

    ① Up to 6 people / 1,500 yen (tax included) / 1 hour
    ② Up to 12 people / 2,500 yen (tax included) / 1 hour
  • 【Go / Shogi】 Reading corner

    Our hotel is known as a permanent inn where the Official title games of "Go" and "Shogi
    We have a record of many hot battles.

    【Recent holding results】
      May Shogi / Master Tournament 7th Match 5th Station Akira Watanabe vs. Shintaro Saito 8th Dan
      February Go / Kisei Tournament 7th Match 4th Station Yuta Iyama Kisei vs. Rin Kono 9dan
      December Shogi / Ryuo 7th Match 5th Station Masayuki Toyoshima Ryuo vs. Yoshiharu Habu 9th Dan
      February Shogi / Osho Tournament 7th Game 4th Station Akihito Watanabe vs. Akihito Hirose 8th Dan
      February Go / Kisei Tournament 7th Match 5th Station Yuta Iyama Kisei vs. Rin Kono 9dan
      March Go / Kisei Tournament 7th Match 6th Station Yuta Iyama Kisei vs. Keigo Yamashita 9dan
  • An example of dinner for children

    *Pay・For preschoolers
    Children over the age of 6 will be served in accordance with adult cuisine, but if you wish, you can change it here.
    (The price does not change)
  • Loan amenities for children

    Yukata for children・slipper

    *Target: Offers to children C (children under 2 years old, no meals, with bedding) and above.
  • Diaper trash

  • Baby tub

  • 【Shop corner】Green from Hakone souvenirs

    Hakone confectionery, natural foods and cosmetics, we also sell a large number of drinking water and alcoholic beverages, which are sold at the same price as nearby convenience stores.
    In addition, there are picture books and toys for children, so please use it if you come with your family.
  • 【Resort banquet】A little rich with hot spring bathing

    Please leave banquets and overnight stays for groups and groups such as alumni associations, workplace trips, and trips with friends.
    We have plan to enjoy passionate food and sake, and even hot springs.
    (Reservations for banquets can be made by phone. )
  • 【Resort meeting in a green environment】Do you not realize fruitful meeting, training in Hotel Kagetsuen?

    We prepare plan according to the number of people and purpose

    The appeal of resort meetings is that you can refresh yourself after concentrating at meetings and training.
    There are 5 meeting rooms and flooring multipurpose halls that are suitable for the number of people and purpose.
    Please feel free to contact us for the layout of the square shape, school type, subcommittee type, etc.

    Free Wi-Fi!
    Refresh at the hot spring after the meeting!

Number of rooms

61 rooms in total:40 Western-style rooms/8 Japanese-style rooms/Japanese + Western room 12/Other 1 room
Western room translation:Single (14㎡) 7 rooms/Twin (21㎡) 21 rooms/DX Twin (21㎡) 11 rooms/Suite (63㎡) 1 room

Standard room facilities

All rooms have bath / toilet / air conditioning / TV / satellite / empty refrigerator


Hand towel / toothbrush・Toothpaste / Bath towel / Soap / Yukata / Hair dryer / Shaving / Shower toilet / Shower cap / Comb・brush

Facility contents

Table tennis / banquet hall(Pay) /Karaoke facility (Pay)

Service & Leisure (Including arrangements)

Massage(Pay) /Shogi / Go

Standard check-in time


Standard checkout time


Hot spring tax

A hot spring tax of 150 yen will be charged separately per adult (junior high school student and above) per night.

Cancellation provisions

3 days prior: 20% of room rate
2 days prior: 40% of room rate
1 days prior: 60% of room rate
On the day of arrival: 80% of room rate
Cancellation without any contact: 100% of room rate
In case of no stay without contact, the full amount of the accommodation fee
 *If there is a cancellation provision for each accommodation plan, it will take precedence.
 *There is a separate rule for the cancellation policy for groups (15 people or more).

Loan listing

Shogi / Go
For infants: Baby tub / diaper trash can / toys / picture book

*Please contact the front desk if you wish.
*The number of rental equipment is limited, so please be aware that it will be prepared on a first-come, first-served basis.

barrier-free support

Wheelchair accessible, Rental wheelchair available


There is no amenities for children who sleep only
Please bring it with you.


Visa / JCB / American Express / Diner's Club / UC / DC / NICOS / UFJ Card / Mastercard / SAISON / JTB / Rakuten Card accepted

Hot Springs

Sengokuhara Onsen

Private Bath


Number of baths

[Large Communal Bath] Man: 1 woman: 1
[Private room bath]No distinction: Four

Other bath facilities

Observation bath

Bath usage conditions

4 chartered hot springs are free. The public bath is replaced by gender time