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Correspondence to new corona

Click here for the latest information on the business policy that accompanies "New Coronavirus" related information(Updated October 6, 2020)

Initiatives at this facility to prevent the spread of infection"Request to customers"

  • The "Go to Travel Campaign" business has started, and the "Tokyo Exclusion" was lifted on October 1st.As a result, it is expected that the number of tourists will increase mainly on weekends.

    As tourism is becoming more active than before, our hotel has strengthened its own countermeasure policy as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, and the Japan Tourism Agency has stated that "for travelers who use this project". We ask for your cooperation in "Compliance Matters".

    In order to ensure the safety and security of everyone, the cooperation of all visitors is indispensable.

    We would like to ask for your cooperation after reading the separately set "Request for cooperation in measures against new coronavirus infections".

    Please understand that depending on the situation, you may be forced to reduce or suspend the entertainment facilities "Karaoke" and "Table Tennis Ground", as well as the "Large Bath" which is normally open in two locations.