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Correspondence to new corona

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Initiatives at this facility to prevent the spread of infection"Request to customers"

  • At our hotel, we are implementing infection control measures so that we can deliver safety and security even in the situation of corona sickness.
    To ensure completeness, the cooperation of all visitors is indispensable.

    We kindly ask for your cooperation in "mask eating and drinking" during meals.
    The link at the bottom describes the policy regarding the implementation of "mask eating and drinking" at the dining venue and requests to users.If you wish to have a meal at this facility, please read it in advance.

    (About correspondence after March 13, 2023)
    After March 13, 2023, along with the government's "review of the way of thinking about wearing masks", etc., part of the "mask eating and drinking establishment certification system" was changed, and the certification condition was changed to "implementation of mask eating and drinking". has been removed.
    We will continue to work on infection prevention measures such as hand disinfection and installation of partitions, so we ask for your cooperation.

    Depending on the situation, about the entertainment facilities "Karaoke" and "Table tennis ground"
    Also, regarding the "large communal bath" that is normally open in two locations,
    Please understand that you may be forced to reduce or pause.