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Correspondence to new corona

Click here for the latest information on the business policy that accompanies "New Coronavirus" related information(July 15, 2020 update)

Initiatives at this facility to prevent the spread of infection"Request to customers"

  • Hotel Kagetsuen, as a part of "preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection,"
    We publish the policy.

    Regarding the provision style of "breakfast", from the perspective of ensuring safety, we will suspend "buffet business" for a long time
    We offered it in the "set meal" format, but from the accommodation for Sunday (August 2, 2020) (breakfast on August 3),
    "Buffet sales" will be restarted.

    In addition, "business suspension of entertainment facilities such as karaoke and table tennis field" and "reduction or suspension of large public bath",
    We are continuing the “scale-down” business, but we will continue to do this business depending on the situation.

    Unlike normal sales, we apologize for any inconvenience and inconvenience caused.
    Thank you for your understanding and understanding when making a reservation.