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    <It has been decided that this project will be extended until August 31st.>
    At the start of the project, it was decided that the discount application period for this project, which was initially until April 28, will be extended to August 31.

    Please note that the facility will start accepting reservations for the extended period (for stays from July 15th to August 31st) as follows.

    Reception start date and time from 12:00 on Friday, July 15


    From April 6, 2022, the "Kanagawa Travel Discount" project, which makes travel in Kanagawa Prefecture reasonable, started.

    Although there are conditions such as the target of the place of residence and the presentation of vaccination certificate, it is a business content that you can receive coupons that can be used in Kanagawa prefecture in addition to discounts on accommodation charges.

    Our hotel is also a target facility of this project.It is convenient to make a reservation from HP.
    (When making a reservation, please fill in the remarks column, etc. to the effect that you wish to apply the Kanagawa Travel Discount.)

    For those who can apply the discount, please see below.(As of July 15)

    ・ Those who live in Kanagawa prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Gunma prefecture, Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture

    ・ Those who can certify the prescribed vaccination or those who can "certify negative" depending on the place of residence.
     ⇒⇒ The target prefectural citizens have passed 14 days or more since the third inoculation.
     (Users under the age of 12 accompanied by a guardian such as a parent living together can only be certified by the guardian)

    ・ Those who can respond to the request of our hotel at check-in by necessary confirmation and procedures.
     ⇒⇒ Confirmation of place of residence with official certification (My Number Card, driver's license, etc.) stating the place of residence
     ⇒⇒ Vaccination certificate(Or negative certification such as PCR test within the expiration date)
     ⇒⇒ In addition, fill in each document necessary for applying this project, sign, etc.

    Before making a reservation, please check the details of the business from the "Kanagawa Travel Discount / Special Page".
    (The business content may change even during the period.In this case, the business content described on this page may change.Please understand)